Spring & Summer Dog Treats Recipes

Coconut Cubes


Super simple easy summer recipe!

All you need: Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Ice Tray (any shape but we love the pawprints and hearts from Greater Good or Michael's) Lots of Love & a Freezer

Once coconut oil is frozen in neat shaped cubes add to your pups' water and there you go!

Keeps your pup(s) cool from the heat and is a yummy treat! 

Cool Watermelon Delight


Okay we bought these neat fruit popsicle molds a ways back and loved them!  I'd pour watermelon into the molds, freeze overnight, and have a delicious treat to share with my Turkey dog. (Warning: No seeds or rinds for pups and resist the puppy eyes pleading for more sweet delicious watermelon or the runs is what you'll be cleaning up later! Not that this happened to me but ya know a friend gave me a heads up!) Here's a cool link: http://www.dailydogdiscoveries.com/dogs-eat-watermelon/

Berry Banana Split Honey Glaze


Another yummy treat to share with your dogs is to take a semi-ripe, organic banana and cut in half, fill with chilled organic berries, and lightly drizzle organic or locally sourced honey (sub organic agave / organic cold-pressed coconut oil) all over.  Yummmmm!

Safe & Healthy Foods for Your Best Furry Friend


Here is a quick list of organic fruits and veggies you can share with your dog:

Apples (NO Apple Seeds for dogs or humans!) Bananas, Blackberries, Broccoli, Green Beans, Strawberries . . .

Here's a link I found helpful:


Sweet Carrot Crunch


Okay this is one of the few treats our dog Turkey would actually chew instead of gulping!  We loved the sound he'd make so much that we recorded him munching chilled organic baby carrots!  And for a really sweet treat add a bit of honey or organic coconut oil.

Refreshing Cucumber & Zucchini Slices


The saying monkey see monkey do (or really puppy see puppy do!) is true!  I'd be munching organic cucumbers and zucchini slices and our dog Turkey would just watch and drool until I offered him a tiny bit.  I wasn't sure he'd like them but if I ate one he'd eat one!

Autumn & Winter Dog Treats Recipes

Apple Cinnamon Majic


Mmmmm I can smell apple cinnamon goodness! I love to add smushed blackberries as a garnish for Happy's Majic Treats™

Our dog Turkey loved when I'd make him this special treat.

Sweet Potato Delight


This is a yummy treat full of maple autumn colors! Yay for organic baby carrots mixed with sweet potatoes and glazed with coconut oil and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Here's a link to the organic farmers market just because I love them and "sharing is caring"!


Pumpkin Honey Kiss


This season for a happy reason I'm thinking of good ol' Charlie and Peanut - my parents' furbabies before I was born.

Mix a scoop of organic canned pumpkin with coconut oil and spread over two pieces of Happy's Majic Treats™ and drizzle golden honey heart shapes on treats. 

Sweet Cranberry Crumble


This makes me think of a crumbly pie but for pups! Crumble two pieces of Happy's Majic Treats™ and mix with mushed organic cranberries and top with coconut oil or honey.

Sweet Pea Jubilee


This is a sweet healthy veggie treat with a splash of color! A few scoops of organic canned peas mixed with cranberries and blueberrries made with love for your drooling pup.

Banana Snowflake Flurry


For a bit of winter majic think of snow angels while you make this delicious organic treat! Banana chunks drizzled with  coconut oil and then sprinkle dried coconut on top and enjoy!

Awww I see my happy spirit dog Turkey wagging!