Our Story✨With Love

In Memorium

To Honor Our Happy Turkey Dog

Hi Friends!  November 2014 is the earliest I can remember wanting to create something so full of Love and Gratitude for our dog.  This wonderful being that just gives and gives unconditionally taught me and my family so much about joy, love, sharing, silliness, wisdom, and the importance of cuddling.

Our way of honoring his life is to keep going forward and sharing with all dogs and their human peoples the gift he gave us.

In Celebration

All of the Love, all of the goodness inside our Turkey dog and ourselves, we share with you and your families.  Through our stories, our homemade gluten-free organic dog treats, and our handmade jewelry our wish is that you and your loved ones resonate with the Joy we're sharing whole-heartedly!

P.S. Here's another hopeful wish . . . May you breathe in deep the smell, the aroma of these majical treats and you will know, you will feel the story as yet untold.  Listen to your Heart and know, really know that you are so Loved.