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Hi My Friends!
*Update: Here is a little more insight into our newest book, Owly Who, the first in The Blue Series!

*Mental Illness is a worldwide epidemic*
The offering of alternative mental health initiatives to treat depression, anxiety, and loneliness have expanded to reach both children and adults to help restore them to a state of well being. Owly Who's story is part of both the expansion and restoration to help individuals return to a place and space of Joy.

From the Co-Creators of Whimsical MAJIC™️, comes an inspiring tale of rediscovering one's true self. Welcome to Owly Who Any Hue of Blue is Okay Too, the first in The Blue Series. Enjoy a majical adventure full of all hues of blues & with loving friends too!

So expand your wings, let your heart take flight, & enjoy a majical journey with Owly Who as he begins to release the heavy suppression of his deep dark blue depression. Owly Who finally realizes the beauty of flying free with the loving support & encouragement from his beloved tree Analeigh. Our wish for you dear friends, is that you all rediscover anew with clear inner sight the true beauty and joyful light of sparkling cerulean you!

Jaci M is the Co-Creator of Whimsical MAJIC™️, Majical Whimsy, Author of Happy's Majical Christmas Tree & The Blue Series. Jaci M is also the Creative Producer of JMSillyFaces ™️. She lives in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with her husband Dan, their furbabies, & their many many animal friends.

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 ✨💙 Any Hue of Blue is Okay Too

" . . . this is majical. Kids of all ages through adulthood will love it. The words, the message, the artwork. It's all so beautiful." ~ Adiba, Owner of SAWrapped In Wellness

"Heartwarming, inspiring, uplifting story . . ." ~ DM, SMT

"I enjoyed the whole book . . . but it has a message, a positive one . . . Believe and Stay True. ~ Benn, US Army Veteran

"Lovely story with a poignant meaning." ~Ann C., B.S. Science

✨💖 Praise for Happy's Majical Christmas Tree

"Wonderful Story!"

Emilie C., Trailwood Resident & Dog Mom