💖 Welcome to Whimsical MAJIC 💖

💖 Welcome to Whimsical MAJIC 💖

💖 Welcome to Whimsical MAJIC 💖💖 Welcome to Whimsical MAJIC 💖💖 Welcome to Whimsical MAJIC 💖

✨💙Something Blue, Something Majical too, And It's a Surprise for You!💙✨

✨💙Owly Who: Any Hue of Blue is Okay Too💙✨

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About Us


Homemade From Our Hearts

We are a creative, nature-loving, family rooted business that speaks to your unique imprint - the Essence that makes you You.  We truly believe that Love transforms everything for the better.  We infuse this soul-deep energy into our organic dog treats, we weave Love within all of our stories, and we bless every product we create  . . . from our Hearts to Yours.


It's True . . . we have Spirit Animals!

Okay here's just one perspective of who Whimsical MAJIC is, since really, we're a multi-tonal kaleidoscope . . . Co-Creator & Author of majical worlds.  Our spirit animals are the Wolves (and rabbits, squirrels, ladybugs, horses, golden eagles, and okay the list goes on like a sideways 8 :)  I adore my family, food (organic about 80% of the time), nature, reading, writing, creating, and the fantastical.  I sometimes think I talk funny and walk like a penguin but it's okay I love penguins too!  I'm different but I'm good.

P.S.  I Love the Harmony that colors, shapes, and sounds bring to me.  I wish to share this with other gentle, yet strong, quirky souls who also view the world through the eyes of our Hearts. 


In Honor Of . . .

Our awesome dog Turkey* who we were blessed to have for 13 earth years but eternally connected and forever we remain.

Pawsitive Note: *Yes that is really his name!  

Such a Good Dog We Love you!

SUPER HAPPY NOTE: Our Turkey dog's spirit name is Happy and he is now majically featured in my first published book Happy's Majical Christmas Tree available from Balboa Press via the PURCHASE LINK!

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Whimsical MAJIC

Comfort, Texas 78013

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